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Jump right in and create. A quick start, streamlined interface and intuitive building blocks let you go from simple to multi-layered. See your process come to life as you chart a visual course.


Create diagrams that speak for themselves. Guardrails ensure consistent parameters for a common language that communicates effectively and immediately without sacrificing creativity.


Get individuals, groups, and projects aligned with goals. Proven functionality keeps it focused and Swimlanes, My Teams and Deployment Flowcharting support your success.

Here's how it works

Create swimlanes, customize your team, and set up your process diagram nodes.

Create Swimlanes

Customize and create Swimlanes in your process flow to quickly and visually distinguish ownership of tasks and responsibilities.

My Teams

Define, customize and modify team members and their roles as needed with easy click-to-add features.

Connect Nodes

Simplify communication and enhance learning with consistently defined nodes throughout the tool.

Security & Privacy

Teamflow is committed to privacy and security at every level. Our internal security framework is based on ISO/IEC guidelines; and your information is safe with secure-by-design infrastructure and our commitment to privacy compliance.

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Plans that scale with you

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Professionals and Consultants
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  • Unlimited Diagrams
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Select your org size from 2 to 100+
  • My Organization
  • Multiple Users
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Business, Education, and Non-Profits
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  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Enterprise Support
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Application Features


Consistent process elements throughout the tool allow for quick status assessment and simplify learning and communication.


Swimlanes organize and designate ownership of process elements, eliminating overlap.


Time and cost values are clearly displayed at each step allowing you to track efficiencies and better understand the true value of your project.


Advance activities forward and ensure accountability with no confusing spaghetti charts.


Intuitive, easy to use functionality lets you learn, use and share with confidence.


Facilitate synergies without sacrificing organization with tools that align communication across the application.

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